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Joint ReplacementJoint pain can affect more than just your golf swing or back hand. Pain brought on by injuries, arthritis or bone disease can drastically reduce your quality of life. For generations, Mahoning Valley residents have endured such pain as part of “getting old.” But times have changed. Many men and women approaching their 60s have embraced lives of fitness and activity and are not ready to slow down.

Proper care for the joints can prevent or reduce the likelihood of injuries and arthritis-related joint pain, even for older individuals. Elements of proper care include early diagnosis and appropriate management, including weight loss, exercise and, in some cases, joint replacement.

Dr. James Jamison, Dr. David Weimer and Dr. K. Seth Kuwik regularly perform total and partial knee replacements, minimally invasive hip replacements, robotic-assisted joint replacements, anterior total hip replacements and MRI-guided custom knee replacements. Our patients include those suffering from trauma injuries and those with chronic arthritis, cartilage deterioration and destructive bone disease.

Doctors Jamison and Weimer also perform joint revisions procedures.

Our surgeons work closely with our team of physician therapists and imaging technologists to offer the most appropriate care.

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