YOA has new COVID-19 protocols to protect our patients, guests, staff, doctors and communities. We are now offering Virtual Care.

It is our office policy to refill all medications during office hours only. We need to keep an accurate record of all medications prescribed to stay within state and federal laws and prescribing guidelines. Therefore, when you notice you have only 3 days worth of medications remaining, please call your pharmacist with your prescription number, which is located on the label. If you need another refill, the pharmacist will contact us.

*Due to federal and state guidelines, prescriptions for any and all narcotic medications are prohibited from being called into a pharmacy.

If you have any questions or problems regarding your medications, please call our office directly at 330-758-0577 and follow the prompt (dial 3) to reach our nursing staff.

After Hours Prescription Refills

No prescriptions will be filled outside normal office hours, except for emergencies. Lost prescriptions are rarely considered to be an emergency. No prescriptions for narcotic medications will be filled for patients whose medical conditions are not well known to the physician on call.