Rehabilitation Services

Ron Santiago

Ron Santiago, YOA’s director of rehabilitation, specializes in physical therapy programs related to total joint replacements, sports medicine, ACL surgeries and rotator cuff procedures.

Our rehabilitation staff empowers our clients to gain the full benefit of the medical treatment we provide. In many cases, patients who follow a carefully designed physical therapy or occupational therapy program do not need surgery.

Our physical therapy services benefit from direct communication and direction from our nine specialty surgeons. No other PT provider in our area sees as many shoulder and total joint replacement patients. We offer a flexible schedule that makes it easier for patients to complete their rehab programs. Read more about physical therapy services.

Our occupational therapy staff offers personalized, one-on-one treatment and is one of the only OT centers in Ohio with two certified hand therapists on staff. We also offer custom splinting and bracing, right on site. Read more about our occupational therapy services.


Physical Therapy phone number 330-726-1466 fax number 330-726-8645.