Certified Athletic Trainer Service

Every good team needs bench strength, not only from substitute players, but also from well-trained,  well-prepared healthcare professionals. This is the bench strength school athletic programs can get from Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates.

A certified athletic trainer from YOA can add safety, economy and expertise to your school’s athletic program.  A relationship with YOA will bring eleven of the region’s leading orthopaedic surgeons to your team.

Below is some additional information about our our athletic trainer service and the benefits it delivers.

What is a certified athletic trainer?

Athletic trainers are highly qualified, multi-skilled allied health care professionals. A certified athletic trainer, often called an ATC, meets rigorous educational requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree and successful completion of a certification exam, with continuing education requirements.
  • Extensive training in human anatomy, human physiology, biomechanics and exercise physiology.
  • Trained to examine patients with musculoskeletal disorders and medical conditions and to arrive at a differential diagnosis.

What does an athletic trainer do?

  • Responds immediately to injuries and illnesses during games and practice sessions.
  • Performs comprehensive examinations and initiates appropriate treatment plans.
  • Applies and monitors rehabilitation programs and other therapeutic interventions.
  • Recommends, fits and applies braces, splints and assistive devices to facilitate a patient’s recovery and return to play.

What are the advantages of working with a YOA athletic trainer?

Our athletic training staff has direct access to YOA’s nine specialty orthopaedic surgeons. Our service also features:

  • Access to YOA’s three physical therapists and three certified hand therapists.
  • Access to YOA’s custom splinting and bracing technicians.
  • Flexible contract options.
  • The YOA Saturday Sports Clinic.


To sum up, YOA’s athletic trainer service offers the following:

  • Safety. Reduce the potential of catastrophic injury to one of your students.
  • Economy. Save your school money by outsourcing this function, reducing benefit expense.
  • Expertise. Connect your student-athletes to YOA’s nine leading orthopaedic surgeons.

To learn more about our athletic trainer service, contact us here or call us at
(330) 758-0577, Ext. 1105.