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YOA Physician Performs Robotic Hip Replacement

Dr. Kerrigan Becomes First in Area to Complete Advanced Procedure Dr. James Kerrigan has been a proud partner of Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates since the late 1980’s. He continues expanding his horizon with the renowned MAKO robotic arm to perform minimally-invasive total hip replacement surgery. The robot allows physicians to use computer-aided precision to position hip replacement […]

YOA enjoys the day at St. Christine’s Health Fair Expo

Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates (YOA) staff members provided the community with educational resources and various information about orthopedic conditions during St. Christine’s 2015 Health Fair Expo on Saturday April 18th. Three of our hand therapist provided complementary hand massages to Health Expo visitors. Laurie Garman, YOA practice administrator, stated, “It was wonderful to see the public […]

Patients benefit from advanced imaging services

As if being in pain isn’t enough, going through the process of an MRI can be difficult, intimidating and a little bit scary. Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates offers state-of-the-art equipment and an experienced imaging staff to make the procedure safer, more comfortable and accurate. Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI) is a noninvasive diagnostic procedure that uses magnetic […]

Dr. Jamison helping patients walk pain-free

When we are healthy and have the ability to walk without pain or hindrance, it’s easy to take that basic task for granted. However, Dr. James Jamison, an orthopedic surgeon at Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates, has long been passionate about helping those with pain and limited mobility get back to an active lifestyle. “I found a […]

Surgery not the only treatment for trigger finger

By SANDY ANDREWS Certified Hand Therapist A common statement I hear as a hand therapist is: “Something is wrong with my finger. When I wake up in the morning it is locked in a bent position and I can’t straighten it.” This tell-tale testimony of a locking finger is commonly known as trigger finger. The […]

Sports medicine treatment benefits everyone

When it comes to treatment for sports injuries, Dr. Thomas Joseph an orthopedic surgeon at Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates, believes athletes don’t need to be elite in order to receive specialty care. “The great thing is that when it comes to our surgical treatment of patients, whether an elite athlete or weekend warrior, they all benefit […]

Selecting the right brace is important to recovery

Recognizing that bracing is a vital part of any orthopedic practice, the doctors and staff at Youngstown Orthopaedic Associates take care in selecting the best bracing products for our patients. YOA’s Durable Medical Equipment (DME) specialists work hand-in-hand with our vendors to find products that are comfortable and durable. Two of our more popular and […]

Which type of knee surgery meets your needs?

As one of the largest joints in your body, the knee plays a vital role in weight bearing and motion. It is also very susceptible to injury. When a knee injury does occur, the severity and how much it limits your activity will help determine which type of treatment is appropriate. Our orthopedic surgeons at […]

ACL injuries can be prevented, treated

Whether it’s a student-athlete or an active adult, ACL injuries seem to be becoming more and more common. Some of these incidents stem from direct trauma to the knee, but many do not and can be prevented with the right approach. According to the Cincinnati SportsMedicine Research and Education Foundation, about 70 percent of serious […]

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